The Chinese dragon crowns the Hindu Lord

A very recently built temple of Lord Lakshami Narashima expounds distinctive modern architecture. The outlook is painted in crimson and gold. It is surely a landmark made to catch your attention when you travel on the 17th cross road, HSR Layout, Bangalore. There is ample space outside the temple to sit, relax or chit chat.

Hindu temple



On your visit here you will be greeted by the guards (all three) of the temple. The attention given to detail of lion structures is inspiring.

When you ascend stairs to enter the main hall, you will see the Lords’ Idol facing left. That’s because the direction north is important.


And the north facing entrance has its own set of guards!! The snakes!!

One thing that caught my eye is the chinese dragon design on the rooftop. I believe it is designed keeping in mind the angry nature of this Vishnu Avatar, who is believed to protect all devotees in difficult times.


The best time to visit this temple is 7:30 evening, that’s the time when the evening prayers start. This time in the temple is phenomenal – its bright lights, loud music, the rituals. This will definitely touch your soul in more than one way.


Well after a quick look around the hall I understood the sound part! There is an automatic drum!! I found a fascinating image of Goddess Lakshami on the roof. Though it’s a bit odd placement of the Goddess, it is charming in its own way!! Go see it for yourself!!!!


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